Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my 25th surprise.

I turned 25 last June 3rd. It took me more than a while--2 months to be exact--to write about this because I WAS WAITING FOR THE PHOTOS!!! LOL. Thanks Vina, nahanap mo rin, finally! Phew!

I seriously need a digicam. Really.

Anyway, it all started with this:

Mitor: Hey we'll celebrate your bday on June 5 and 6. Free your sched, ok?
Me: Baket 2 days?
Mitor: Wala lang, para masaya.
Me: Ok. :)

So June 3rd, we just had a simple dinner at home with my family. Then June 5th, he took me to my second home--Shangri-la Plaza Mall. LOL

Me: Ano gagawin naten dito? Sine? Bilhin naten gift ko? Sabi ko sa'yo GC nalang kasi.
Mitor: Basta.
Me: Fiiiine.

Lo and behold.. he took me to COLOR ME MINE! :-)

Paint-paint-paint! :)

During our first few months as a couple, we made a list of to-do things together and this was one of them. I actually forgot about this lets-paint-project thing and I was surprised that he actually remembered.

Our finished artworks (before going to the oven)

Me: Baket lighthouse?
Mitor: Kasi, when everything is dark, all you need to do is look for the light... and you'll remember me.
Me: Ooooh. :)

Happy painters

Then he took me to another favorite, and a must-have everytime we're at Shang... YOSWIRLS!

Yogurt + Mango is the best!

After that we did a little window shopping and he took me home. :)

Next, June 6th.

Mitor: I'll pick you up around 6pm.
Me: Ok, what do I need to bring and what should I wear?
Mitor: Basta magpaganda ka. And I'm taking you to The Spa so just bring whatever. What kind of massage would you go for?
Me: Ewan ko basta yung may oil. Yoko ng dry massage.
Mitor: Ok, then we'll go to Manang's party after ha. Btw, bring a scarf.
Me: Oks.

So he arrived. And first thing he looked for is the scarf. What for? To blindfold me.

He also told me to use his MP3 player and placed it in full volume
just so I'd get distracted and won't figure out where we're heading

When we reached the place, he was holding my hand and we were walking, and walking and walking. Finally, the door opened...


I was in his lolo's house and MY FRIENDS were there! I was totally shocked. Bilib ako kay Mitor, I really had no clue that this was going to happen!

Thanks Kal, Dumol, Deb, Chippie, Vina, Jhel, Maita, Nix, Jep, Biggie, and Woshie for the super effort! Hehe, I missed having parties like these. I was super happy that day, as innnn.

Friends Forever!

And of course, my dearest Mitor.. thanks so much for making my 25th uber special. For the first time, your "schemes" were not busted. LOL. CONGRATULATIONS! (wowowee tone)

Cheers to love and friendship!

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