Tuesday, September 15, 2009

12 years and counting.

Once upon a time, a teacher told us that after graduation, our so-called all-star gang will go on our separate ways and lead separate lives.

Highschool Barkada pic, Dominican College, Year 2001
Estrogen overload!

Then college happened, work came along, boyfriends (and girlfriends) joined in, and after a decade we're still the silliest and loudest girls ever. Nothing changed, really.

Isang deKADA Costume Party, Tagaytay, August 2007
Ang daming EKIS sa pic na 'to!
For history purposes lang naman so wag nyo ko awayin. Haha!

Kadamates 11th Anniv, TGIF, August 2008
Ayan, hindi kasama ang mga lalaking karelasyon dito! LOL

We turned 12 this year, and we celebrated at Tetah's very cozy and sosyal Cavite home. Here's us... in our scruffy house clothes!

Daks + the gang in pambahay fasyon , August 2009

I just looove the fact that after all these years we still have each other's back. Amidst all the crazy decisions we've made and the struggles we've been through, we're still together--and that makes our friendship very REAL and very STRONG.

Thank you, my dear Kadamates, for being who you are and loving the weirdness in all of us. We've come a longgg way and there's no denying that our friendship will always be one of the best platonic love stories ever told.

Now eat your words, teacher! :D

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  1. ang dami nyo! hahaha i miss being in big groups. ang sayaaaaa! =)

    oo, dapat may standard photo na girls only without the S.O.s kasi mahirap na.... hahaha