Friday, September 4, 2009

my rapunzel moment.

I am not a morning person. I usually sleep late and today was no exception. I slept around 5am and my Mom went up to my room around 8am to tell me this:

Mom: Are you going out today?
Me: (eyes still closed) Yes
Mom: Anong oras?

Me: Hapon.

Mom: Ano ngang oras?

Me: Mga 2 siguro.
Mom: Gumising ka na kasi babarnisan yung buong hagdan hindi ka na makakababa mamaya. Tas dalhin mo na lahat ng kelangan mo pagbaba kasi hindi ka na makakaakyat.

Me: WHAT? Eh I need to work in my room, I have a deadline today!

Mom: Can you just please cooperate? Tomorrow's the last day of renovations so there's no other time to get the stairs varnished.

Me: Fine. Padala nalang ng pagkain dito bago start yung varnish. Won't go out nalang. Will stay here hanggang matuyo yung hagdan.

Mom: OK.

I thought it was all a dream. By 11am, I woke up...hungry. Got up, went out the door and saw this:

The newly-varnished stairs

UH-OH. So my mom was really serious. My room's on the third floor so its not like I can jump somewhere to get downstairs. I looked around to see if they left food for me. But of course, my Mom forgot that very important detail. Aaaaack.

So I called for Yaya.

Me: Yayaaaaaaa!

Me: Pano ako bababa? Nagugutom na ko!

She went up to the second floor. Apparently, there were steps from the first floor going to the second floor na wala pang varnish. But the all the steps from second going to the third floor were covered up already. So we were talking na parang I was Rapunzel asking for help. LOL

Yaya: Ay patay kang bata ka. Dumaan ka sa gilid! Parang ganito *demo demo*

This is the "gilid" she's talking about.

Me: *tried it* Di ko kaya! Malalaglag ako!
Yaya: Eh wala kang choice!

Me: Ay nako anong oras ba matutuyo yung hagdan?
Yaya: Mga 4pm pa.

Me: What? So 4pm pa ko makakakain?

Yaya: Eh ikaw kasi ginigising ka kanina di ka gumising.

Ok fiine. My fault, again. So that's it. I'm dead. I'm gonna starve for hours just because of the stupid varnish. So I went back in my room to search my bags for food. I usually bring crackers every time I go out so I might get lucky. And voila, I saw this:

Thank God for OK!'s Kristine and her Meiji pasalubong!
These are really good stuff, I must say.

So I munched on the chocolates like there's no tomorrow. But after 5 sticks my stomach was still crumbling and worst of all, I got thirsty.

UH-OH. So what now? I told myself "mind over matter, mind over matter... I am not thirsty, I am not hungry..." LOL. Para akong baliw.

Then all of a sudden, Yaya shouted from the second floor.

Me: Baket?!!

Yaya: Kunin mo bilis!

Yaya + sungkit + basket + my food!

Ain't my Yaya so brainy and sweet? She just can't stand the fact that I'll starve for hours!

Meal for the day: rice + daing na bangus + luncheon meat + mango iced tea! :)

Thanks, Yaya! Another one for the books! LOL


  1. this is effing funny. mom woke me up too. then yaya. it wasn't the best of times really especially since it was the first night that i was able to sleeeeeeeeep wellll. and to wake up with yaya screaming her lungs out was no fun at all. but hey, she prepared my baon so no biggie. haha!

  2. hahahaha! kabs!!! i love yaya tlga! hahaha! :P super funny! grabe ang boses niya naririnig ko tlga while reading your blog. lol! :P

  3. kulit ur story....but nice...super funny... :D

    jr and may

  4. OMG! Paano kayo nakahanap ng yaya na gayan?!? Pwede ba siya ma-pirate? Hehe

    Oy, Kabbie, miss na ulit kita. Di ka man lang nakipagkwentuhan nang dumaan ka sa opisina.

  5. winner si yaya lydia talaga hahaha =) i can so picture her saying the lines!