Saturday, September 12, 2009

travel factor olympics.

I am not sporty. Oh how I wish I am. I've always admired sporty people in general--athletes, varsity players, coaches, etc etc. For me, a 3-point buzz beater, a smacking smash, or a hardcore serve is just as thrilling as scoring a good find in mall-wide sales. But as I've said, I was never good at any sport. I hate P.E. classes because I'm just so bad at it (except for the dance classes, which, I believe is not a hardcore sport, anyway). I never had the guts to join any sports team because I know they'll hate me after the game just because I suck. Haha! Yes, I am that pathetic. Really.

So when Travel Factor, the coolest travel group in the world, invited us for their very first TF Olympics, I was so excited! Finally, a sports fest made for all ages and suckers were very much welcome to join! LOL. I signed up for the relay and frisbee games, knowing that with my built and all, I can at least run fast!

Team SNUBA! (photo by Deneb)
I'm the 4th person from left. Just look for the bangs, baby.

And now I shall post some of the event's highlights:

I caught a disc and we scored! We lost though. LOL
(photo by Ced)

My feet was completely dragged the by the boys (ouch!) then
I fell on the finish line and my toenail cracked. (double ouch!)
but it was all worth it coz... we actually WON!
(photos from Deneb and Brian)

The Dr. Quack Quack series. This game was just so funny.
(photos by Ced)

After the field games, it was badminton time at Sheridan! Of course, I didn't join. I just cheered, cheered and cheered for our team. :D

The last people standing.
(photo by Jun)

Our team ended up winning 2nd place, overall. We definitely did some justice to our yabang posters! Hahaha!

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