Friday, December 25, 2009

sickly christmas.

I've been working non-stop the whole month til the 23rd, which explains why my body/immune system gave up on me on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is a busy day for our family. We cook, prep gifts, dress up, hear Mass at 10pm, eat Noche Buena, and open gifts right after. Unfortunately, I was in bed most of the time nursing a fever and a very bad cough-colds combo.

I woke up with the sound of my dad's footsteps going to my room around 6 in the morning. It's pretty much rare for my parents to go up here (3rd floor kasi, nakakapagod) so in a way, I felt special. LOL. He checked my temp and it was 37.5--not so much high, but I felt really hot and heavy. Plus, I can't breathe coz of the colds and non-stop coughing. So, I slept again and around 10am, it was Yaya's turn to knock on my door, with my breakfast and meds.

I slept again and same thing happened for lunch. I was literally bedridden. Sucks, right? Sick on Christmas Eve?! That's a first for me. I hated it! After lunch I slept again, and a few hours later Mitor arrived with a Christmas card (I was secretly hoping that there's cash inside. HAHA). He stayed with me for a couple of hours then he joined his relatives for their reunion. My family, on the other hand, was busy dressing up for Mass. I promised my Ate days before that I'll do her makeup but I was still sick so our sis-in-law, Kim, did it for me.

My Ate's Christmas Look

I love dressing up pa naman during Christmas Eve. Haaay. Since I'm still not feeling well, I had to skip Mass. I was still in jammies when they left and my Mom told me to fix myself up for our photo op when they arrive. My effortless solution? Just powder and loud lips.


Kim, Kuya, Dad, Mom, Ate, & Sickly Me

As usual, I forgot to take photos of the Noche Buena because I was busy eating. LOL. Then came the opening of gifts. I opened Mitor's card, no cash. HAHA! But look what he and my super friend Aai gave me:

The big box, with love. LOL
Well, I kinda know what it is... and I think you do, too.

Watch how I opened the box here.


Yaaaay!!! Finally! Hahaha! Kala ko Christmas card lang eh. LOL. Super thanks, Aai and Mitor! To Joyce, Dad & Mom, and Ate who gave me cash for my fax machine fund, I'll use it to buy an external hard drive OR have my laptop G-masked! Yahuuuuu!!!! :-)

Love love love!

I felt energized and excited to work na naman! Hahaha! Note to self though, must be on vacay at least 3 days before Christmas so I won't get sick ever again!

Merry Christmas, everyone! *hugs*

Sunday, December 13, 2009

magnetic powers.

I can still remember my very first encounter with these special magnets. Mitor and I were still dating back then. I had a terrible headache and his first aid was not Biogesic, but this:

Nikken Titanium Link Bracelet

He just made me wear it, saying that his bracelet has "magnetic healing powers". I was skeptical, but wore it anyway. Did my headache go away? Not really. Actually, the first thing that came into my mind was "Why is he wearing a bracelet in the first place?" LOL

Then he told me about Nikken. Then his mom told my mom about Nikken. Our moms became Nikken buddies.


I had my 3rd (and last!) cervical cancer vaccine yesterday. And boy, was it PAINFUL! I have very low tolerance with physical pain so I was really in agony that I can't even manage to sleep! I was feeling so hopeless then all of a sudden, I remembered our Magbiens! Might as well give it a try, right?

"Small yet mighty. The Magbien a.k.a. Power Patch features Nikken Magnetic technology in a convenient size, with an adhesive backing for easy application. At the center is a 750-gauss magnetic core, complemented by nodules on the surface. These high and low areas introduce variations in the shape of the magnetic field, producing a greater field depth"
Source: Nikken Website

I plastered 6 Magbiens on my left arm.

And believe me, the pain went away in 5 minutes. Seriously.

I really don't get the science behind it and I'm not really a scientific person to begin with so why bother? Haha. As long as it works for me, I am very happy. The fact that the pain went away in an instant is enough for me to believe that magnets are indeed, awesome pain relievers.

Curious? Let me know if you have a headache or something then drop by my house so I can lend you one. Hehehe.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

the fax machine.

A few weeks back, I once said that "All I want for Christmas is a FAX MACHINE." You may be wondering why I badly need one. Well, I am a freelance stylist, which, requires me to pullout stuff from several stores to be featured in the pages assigned to me. Before I can pullout, I have to send request letters via FAX to those particular stores who, for the love of technology, still don't believe in the beauty of EMAIL and SMS. LOL. So every time I need to fax letters, I either course it through the ff:

A. Mitor - he owns one, I just go to his place (taxi ride not cheap) or sometimes email the docs to him then he prints it and he does the faxing (isn't he the greatest?). But I prefer sending the letters myself. I am weird that way. And he's often busy so he can't always do it for me, not to mention, I don't like bugging him for clerical errands because I know he hates it. LOL

B. My dad - he uses the fax machine in his office. But there was one batch that he said was successfully faxed but the receipient didn't get any. So that was a major hassle. I told you, I really prefer doing it myself.

C. Shangri-la Plaza Mall - My "opis-opisan". LOL. I fax my docs through Copylandia (costs P10 each) but the line's always long so when I'm in a rush, and that is all the time, I go to this computer shop a few steps away (forgot what it is). This particular store is always line-free, and there's a reason why. Their service fee for one fax is P20 PER FREAKING PAGE! Even if its the same phone number, they charge per page! Ain't that sh*t or what? And I fax about 5-10 pages! Pang-kain ko nalang sana, diba?

So there. I seriously need one already! HP Officejet, I want you in my arms!!!

Gimme Gimme Gimme!

Santa can you hear me?

I have been so good this year, don't you think? :)