Monday, March 15, 2010

we can help benjie.

Cancer. Such a scary word.

Just last year, my dear friend Jasmine's 5-year old Mio was diagnosed with Leukemia. Learning about the news was heartbreaking, but seeing how many people reached out to their family was nothing short of amazing. As of the moment, Mio is getting better everyday, making us realize that there is, indeed, sunshine after the rain.

Now, another family member of mine is fighting this dreadful disease. My 15-year old cousin, Benjie, was diagnosed with Lymphoma just recently. Lymphoma is a cancer that begins in the lymphocytes of the immune system and presents as a solid tumor of lymphoid cells. It is treatable with chemotherapy, and in some cases radiotherapy and/or bone marrow transplantation, and can be curable, depending on the histology, type, and stage of the disease. Source: Wikipedia

Knowing that another person close to my heart has cancer saddens me but I am comforted by the fact that like Mio, he will get better. And like Mio, Benjie's struggle can inspire others, too.

As of now, Benjie already had three sessions of Chemotherapy. The doctor said his body is responding well, but he will need to complete at least six sessions to fully recover. One session costs Php140,000, and we are in dire need of financial assistance. I am humbly knocking on your kind hearts to support our fund raising projects, which are the ff:

1. We Can Help Benjie CD

Spearheaded by my brother, Paulo, this is a music compilation CD of local indie artists. The CD contains the ff original tracks:

1. Penguin627 - "Save Me" (
2. Nevermind - "Escalator" (
3. I-ray - "Safe" (
4. Reklamo - "Beunique" (
5. Lochness - "Destination Alone" ( See More
6. Shut Eye View - "Tara Na" (
7. Deo of Crude Oz - "Shine" (
8. Trapeze - "Soldiers" (
9. Giniling Festival - "Barbero" (
10. Odat - "Unlitxt" (
11. HedgeZero - "Ode" (
12. My Odessa - "Black and Blue" (
13. Paramita - "Bitag" (

A copy costs Php150 (exclusive of shipping), which will go directly to Benjie's hospital fund. To order, simply send an email to Paulo Rodriguez at with the SUBJECT: CD ORDER and include the ff details--Name, Mailing address, Mobile Number, and Quantity. He will get in touch with you re payment and other questions/concerns that you may have.

2. Garage Sale for a Cause

We started a garage sale last weekend and we are happy to report that we were able to raise roughly around Php 15,000--just by selling stuff that we really don't need anymore. We plan to do this every weekend and we need more stuff to sell. So if you have clothes, shoes, accessories, kitchenware, or anything you want to donate, feel free to drop the items at my house in Mandaluyong. I can also offer to pick it up at your place, if ever. Just let me know.

Please support our endeavors. With your generosity, you can help another boy's life be normal again. Cancer is, indeed, such a scary word. But with faith in God and in others, it makes us stronger and fearless than ever before.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

cavite weekend / photoshit.

I super love spending my weekends with my kadamates. We went to Cavite last weekend to celebrate Tetah's, Chip's, and Tin's birthdays plus Tetah and Dak's anniversary (ayiheee!). I tagged along Dea, our long lost grade school buddy to join us. As always, every trip has its own story to tell. Here's our story, in photos:

We arrived Saturday, around 8PM, with empty stomachs ready to attack!

Let the games/drinking begin!
It's "In-Between" night and I volunteered to be the bangkera, so I didn't lose any money although my arms hurt the next morning coz I had to distribute cards--hence, extend my arms--around the huge table for like 1oo times or more. Exercise! Haha!

The first set was intense! Every player lost their bets! Hahaha! From a P35 initial pot it grew to something around P500+! Nakakatense! Di kinaya ng mga nagyoyosi so they begged for a yosi break. LOL. But after that, winning steak na for some players. Wonders of yosi, eh?

Jego and her good morning pose.
Masyadong napasarap kasi ang tulog. Hahaha. Her roomates didn't get to sleep coz she was snoring the entire time. Yaan n'yo na, pagod ang biyahera naten eh.

Good morning sunshine! Our usual "family" pic.
This is us, celebrating Christmas in March!
L-R - Dea, Tin, Dell, Jego, Mitor, Me, Maita, Pao, Bigs, Binds, Deb, Chip, Tetah

Having fun under the sun!

Next agenda: Photoshit!

Brought my makeup gear with me.
Here's me at work in my jammies!

Tin and Biggie, our resident photogs

*drumroll please*
before and after shots!




Dak's request: Bridal makeup. O ayan, magpropose ka na ha? *kilig*