Thursday, July 1, 2010

26th birthday bonanza.

June is my month because of obvious reasons--my birthday. I had a great time turning 26, by the way. Had a total of four celebrations, although one was actually to celebrate something else, but still, I got to hang out and party with those set of friends. More on that later. :)

June 3 was a Thursday and I was supposed to do makeup for an engagement shoot. Lucky for me, the bride-to-be got sick so I had an instant free day to spend. Called mi amiga Deb and we spent the afternoon at the movies; drooling over clothes in Sex and the City 2. Really awesome stuff, I must say. Then Mitor picked us up and we had pizza and pasta with the fam at home. A totally laid back birthday, indeed. Forgot to take photos again though! Geez. I should really start a camwhoring habit, don't you think?

June 4 was Frances's surprise baby shower. This was the celebration that I was talking about earlier. Hehehe. It's really her party but since I plan to treat my OK! fam anyway, I just brought the yummiest-dessert-ever-ever to add on the food table. And boy, everyone loved it!

Mango Torte from Cuerva!
Photo grabbed from Tisha

The bday girl with the gorgeous mom-to-be!

Say cheese, Summiteers!
Read more about the fun, fab games here.
It's the best baby shower ever!

June 6 was Tiktilaok Night with my college friends. Ever heard of Tiktilaok?

Well oh well, say "hello" to the yummiest and juiciest roasted chicken in the world!
It's legendary, really!

Posing with the food.
Tiktilaok, Yellow Cab, and Conti's Mango Torte!
No wonder I'm gaining too much weight!

The gang with the very preggers Nix. Can't wait to see Skylar!

As usual, we played charades and "hinoy penyo" and made a fool of ourselves. Good stuff, good stuff. Hahaha! :)

And last but not the least, another birthday bash at Centerstage, Makati on June 13. This time around, my gradeschool-highschool buddies came out to parteyyy.

My forever girls plus mi amor Mitor. LOL

Figuring out the very hi-tech songlist. Paperless, in fairness!

Mr. Discoman, anyone? Shabada!

The Birit Queen having her moment.

Phew. Four celebrations, eh? After the rockeoke, I was so broke but nevertheless, very HAPPY. After all, June is my month so it's all about spending it with the people close to my heart. :)

* Tiktilaok Night photos grabbed from Tin Zablan
* Centerstage photos grabbed from Binder Nastor, Tetah Cordeta

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