Saturday, July 31, 2010

day 1: zipline and pineapples.

For the first leg of our field trip, we headed straight to Bukidnon, a 2-hour drive from the CDO Airport.

We squeezed our 13 butts to Kuya Jeje's van. Jejeje.

After 2 hours of sleeping ang eating chips, we finally arrived here:

The Dahilayan Adventure Park is known for having the "Longest Dual Zipline in Asia", boasting its 840-m ride while 47,000 feet above sea level.

We opted for the All Ride Package para sulit.

Since the line was long, we went to a nearby resto to have lunch.

The gang at Cowboy's Grill

And we had this:

Pork steak
My verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

Then, we walked back to Zip Zone with our stomachs full and ready for adventure. Oh, did I mention that it was soo cold in there? We loved the cool breeze and the pine trees reminded us of...

...Twilight! Haha! Pwedeee.

Now, let the flying begin!

The 350-m zipline

Tuwang-tuwa lang, oh! :D

Then here's the exciting part--the 840-m zipline.
Watch this!


After that, we made a short stop at the pineapple plantation for a quick photo-op.
Pinya kayo jannnn!

Mga babae sa pinyahan. Hehehe.

Last on the Bukidon itenerary was to eat steak at the Del Monte Golf and Country Club. Dubbed as the best steakhouse in the region, we were so excited to try it out until we discovered that it closes at 3PM during Sundays!
Major fail.

So we ended up taking a photo here instead:

Mga babae sa pekeng pinya.
Ay may dalawang lalaki pala!

And that concludes our Bukidnon trip!

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