Monday, July 5, 2010

Raket Science: Eclipse shoot.

I think this is my first time to talk about my styling adventures. I always tend to postpone writing about my styling gigs because most of them are done 2 months prior to the release (so we can't post behind-the-scenes and everything is hush-hush) and by the time it gets out I already forgot what's blog-worthy about it. But this one's an exception from that just-another-styling-gig-pile, because out of all the shoots I've done, this is, by far, the most memorable. Thing is, most people think that being a stylist is such a glamorous job. Well let me tell you this--it's NOT. But I love my job, still. So there. :)

I was asked to produce the fashion editorial for Candy Magazine's Eclipse Special. The goal was to recreate scenes from the book (which I haven't read, please don't kill me) and that meant booking a forest-y location, three models, a creative team (makeup artist, hairstylist, photographer), plus handling logistics (transpo, food) on top of pulling out clothes. Phew. Since I shoot mostly products--my usual workmates are just the mannequin and the photographer--producing a major fashion editorial with real people is unfamiliar territory. But of course, I was more than excited to do it.

I'd rather not go into details re the major bwiset moment during this project, particularly that model/artista-wannabe who canceled on me the last minute. He is actually the reason why the shoot is so unforgettable. But for the love of good vibes, I wont rant about it anymore. Hehehe. So anyway, our shoot was rescheduled a week after and boy oh boy, we didn't expect that it'll be super HOT in there!

Here are behind-the-scenes!

Ian as Edward and Lovely as Bella with super photog Ocs Alvarez on the side

Take note, before we asked them to lie on the grass...

...we had to do it first!
Guinea pig mode with Ramona, our Art Director

The team at work at La Mesa Nature Reserve (not Eco Park)

Layout #2 was at the farther side of the dam so we packed and drove about 30 minutes going here:

The camping scene
Ramona, Me, Maggie (EIC), Tatin (Makeup)

Our Edward and Jacob (John James) chatting up

The team reviewing the shots

Then Layout #3 and #4 was at the farthest side of the place. The difference is, the only way to get there was to walk. How far? 1 kilometer. At 12 noon. Remember I told you it was so hot?

Well, here's proof.
That's Lovely, carrying her next outfit, followed by me, carrying tons of stuff.

I think I asked "Are we there yet?" a couple of times before we finally got there.
It was seriously a long walk!

We had lunch on the ground then we shot the last two layouts with our dirty and icky and smelly selves and then finally, that's the wrap.

Happy team, still!
We were all tempted to jump in that dam, as in.

When I got home, I hurried to the shower, had the most refreshing bath ever, and then I saw this:

Toasted, much?
It's not even a tan line, it's a tan mark! Hahaha!

And now, presenting...the published photos!

The Cover

Now the question is, was the whole thing worth it?

Well of course, it is. :)

Twi-hards, grab your copy while supplies last!

*BTS photos courtesy of Lovely and Ocs Alvarez

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