Friday, July 16, 2010

stress buster.

I got home from work super annoyed with work-related stuff. Whenever I'm stressed, the very first thing I look at is our refrigerator. May hiwaga ang ref namen eh. All you gotta do is open the door, and voila! Loads of knick knacks available for consumption. Good thing I was able to drop by the supermarket yesterday so I had this in our freezer:

The very ancient Fibisco Choco Mallows!

This tiny yellow box of goodness brings back a lot of childhood memories. When we were kids, mom would buy us one box each and super tinitipid namen yun to last us the whole week. But most of the time 3 days max lang siya tumatagal saken (kay kuya nga 1 day lang eh) so I always end up getting secretly from my sister's box. Haha, madaya! Seriously though, you can't just have 1 piece per day! It's sooo good you can finish the whole thing in one seating!

Each box contains 6 pieces. The first piece went straight to my mouth before I even remembered to take a photo. I told you it was my favorite!

Say hello to my comfort food!

Haaaaay. Love.
It only took one bite, and my stress went away that fast.

Yes, just one bite, and I found myself smiling again. :)

*Fibisco Choco Mallows are sold for P26.50 in all leading supermarkets nationwide.

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