Tuesday, August 10, 2010

pink phones.

My favorite color is not pink. I actually don't have a favorite color, because for me, it's a seasonal / mood thing. Sometimes I like blue, sometimes purple, sometimes orange--you get the drift. But when it comes to gadgets, I go crazy over pink ones!

My Jurassic Motorola Razr V3 in Hot Pink
(I had to charge it so you can see the wallpaper. Hee.)

I bought this in 2005, and used it for 4 years. I had to replace it because it has charging problems. Still fixable, I know. But the phone memory is another story. It can only store up to 70 messages and I locked 65 messages from the inbox so it won't get deleted ever. Which means, I only have 5 slots for new messages and medyo hassle mag-delete ha, esp if the text is work related. So, going back... kanino kaya galing yung 65 messages? Hmmmm. *kilig*

Yes, my dear friends, this phone knows my love story. I still have the very first text that Mitor sent me, dated June 3, 2006, 10:11 PM. And that makes this pinky phone priceless.

Now, here's my new pink baby!

Nokia c3 in Hot Pink--AGAIN!

QWERTY + Nokia + Pink = LOVE! And the best part? It retails for only P7,295! Happiness! Let's cross our fingers that I won't lose it, ever ever! I bought a Nokia E71 last March and after 2 months it got stolen, so please stay away from me, thieves! Don't burst my happy-because-i-have-the-cutest-phone bubble. Tee hee. :)

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  1. yyyiiiihhheee!!! ang cheesy! hahaha =) pero ang sweet. may that jurassic moto phone last longeeeeer. =)