Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Raket Science: In the Nude

When Cosmo's Sam asked me if I can do makeup for 5 ladies for a nude shoot, I was stunned. Wow... nude, eh? Scary. Of course I was super game to do it, and I must say, it was one of the most comfortable shoots I had, given the uncomfortable setting and all.

I have a manang side, you know. I will never be comfortable showing my goodies in public, let alone have it published in the most widely-read magazine in the country! But of course this is Cosmo, not FHM, so the poses are mahinhin...well, sort of. The feature is about 5 fearless young ladies talking about their love-hate relationship with their bodies, with their men telling us that all those insecurities are nothing but meaningless. Sweet!

Maricar Reyes rockin' the nude trend on the cover.

They bared it all.
Excuse the blurry-ness, didn't have the time to scan every page so I took photos of it instead.

Let's focus on the makeup, shall we?
Sam wanted the usual fresh-face-no-makeup-look. Sayang I forgot to take before shots. Aaargh.

These girls are definitely Cosmo chicks at heart--fun and fearless! I had a great time, laughing at their interviews and all. Haha! I can still remember Irish's introduction..."Hi, I'm Irish, I'll be doing the interview for today. Sorry for the question, but, what do you like about your boobs?" Wahahaha! Crazy fun! :)

Learn more from these 5 ladies and be inspired to love your body in Cosmo's August 2010 issue, out on newsstands nationwide.


  1. Hahahha "What do you like about your boobs???!" hahaha anu sagot?! hahah

  2. haha, one girl answered: "ok lang, pero mas malaki yung isa eh!" :D

  3. Haha, this is something. Nude eh? But it looks uber fun! Nice one, Kabbie! :)

  4. thanks, jayce! kelan na shoot naten? hehehe