Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun Find: Umbrella Hat

Today was another pullout day and look what I found!

Yes, that's actually a hat. And it's for sale ha, not some store decor.

That thing is unbelievably HUGE! Well I've seen similar ones but it ain't that freakin' humongous so I just had to try it on!

The Human Umbrella.

Seriously, who would wear this? This hat has a lot of issues to deal with. First, how can you actually bring it to a beach trip? Its size won't even fit any luggage! Second, how can you wear it without hitting someone within your reach? Disaster. Third, why is it so expensive (sold for P3,450)? Haha!

Haaay, fashion. You're weird and that's why I love you.

*The giant hat is available at Swim, Powerplant Mall.


  1. also, if you wear it, everyone has to be like 5 meters away from you... hahaha, unless they're a lot smaller than you can can fit under your "hambrebella" = hat + umbrella.