Monday, October 4, 2010

Fun Find: Call and Surf--just insert coins!

I don't own a Blackberry, a netbook, or an Ipad. I don't use my Nokia's 3G thing too, because I'm weird like that. More of a phone bill paranoia, actually. So on rare occasions when I badly need to check my email while doing my usual mall rounds and there's no free Wi-fi available, I just end up renting from some random Internet shop. Haha, I know, the cost is pretty much the same as using my phone's 3G access but what the heck, the screen's bigger at internet shops. Ha!

Now, for people who do not have Wi-fi/3G enabled phones, or your phone's battery suddenly died just when you need to attend to urgent matters, or (insert whatever reason here) , well oh well, you might find this really interesting.

Globe's Hi-tech Pay Phone

Up close. How cool is that?!

The rates.
Just P5 for 5 minutes of surfing! Not bad at all.

*Spotted this at Trinoma Mall, North wing.


  1. amazing!!! don't worry about being un-techie! we're the same. i don't have an ipad, a blackberry or an iphone. my phone is like 3 yrs old and i don't use the internet with it...

    i dunno if i'll ever try it though, but this is why i love GLOBE... naks! they're so cool!

  2. haha, glad to know i'm not alone in the un-techie department! :)