Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fun Find: Cool Vendo

Speaking of refs, meet its cool kapamilya.


We chanced upon this vendo machine while I was getting cash from the ATM. Looks hi-tech to us! Hahaha! My sister, Daria, immediately tried it (she bought a bottle of Coke) while I was busy banking. My oh my, she got so giddy when she saw how the machine works that she wanted me to experience it too. This was how our conversation went:

Daria: Karen, bilis bili ka!
Me: Di ako nauuhaw eh. Teka pano ba mahuhulog yung bote? Saan lulusot?
Daria: Bili ka na kasi para makita mo! Sige na eto 5 pesos dagdagan mo nalang.
Me: Ano ba pinakamura dyan? Ah yun, tubig 15 pesos.
Mitor: Ano ba yan gagastos ka ng 15 pesos para lang sa tubig? Piliin mo na yung may lasa, yung Minute Maid oh.
Me: Mas gusto ko Tropicana eh (unfortunately walang Tropicana)
Daria: Bilis na kahit ano nalang! (excited, much?)

Now watch how it works here!

We are so shallow and I love it!


*This vendo machine is located at the 2nd level of Shoppesville, Greenhills Shopping Center.

* Daria is not my sister's real name. I just call her that because they somehow act and think alike plus she's a huge fan of the show. Hehehe.

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  1. at talagang vinideo nyo pa diba? hehe ok, natawa ako sa inyo....madali kayong pa-smile! hehe