Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun(ny) Find: Fastfood Masahista

Ano ang meron sa Burger King na wala sa McDo at Jollibee?

Onion rings.

Ano pa?

Eto oh:

The Fastfood Masahista.

Now, who wants a massage while eating burger and fries? Anyone?

At first I thought that the man brought the therapist with him on purpose. But why would he do that? I mean, c'mon, is it normal to get a massage while eating at a fast food joint? It's so...bizarre. Then I checked the lady's nameplate and it says: "Have it your way". So okay, it's really Burger King's value added service! HAHAHA!

*Spotted this at Robinsons Galleria.


  1. Is she stay-in sa Burger King or napadaan lang? =D

  2. I guess stay-in, because of her nameplate and uniform. Hehehe.

  3. this is so true... my clinic is in front of burger king here in timog and they have free massage... they also have free shoe shine and they sell beer!

  4. wahahaha. weird no? lagi kaming nilalapitan everytime magstop-over kami sa BK NLEX.