Friday, October 15, 2010

Mr. Pure Energy.

Gary Valenciano's energy is not just pure, folks. It's LEGENDARY. Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to witness this incredible artist perform right in front of my eyes at the Music Museum (super thanks, Louie A!). You see, I've always been a fan of this guy but I don't know what took me so long before I managed to watch him live. And what made me feel even more luckier? Louie scored really good seats for us, as in next to the VIPs! :)

The who?
Clues: J. ASAP. Dynamite.

In no time, our area was surrounded by ASAP talents. They were nice to look at, to say the least. But I'm not the type who'd go out of my way to take their photographs, so there. Hehehe.

The real VIP.

Gary opened the show from the back door, singing "Hataw Na!". I remember dancing to this song when I was young. Haaay, memories.

Singing from the heart.

If I were to describe his show in one word, it would be...HEARTFELT. It's amazing how he took us back in time with his numerous hits that made an impact in our lives, in one way or another. He is just so REAL in every sense of the word.

I think every person in the audience had their own emo moments during the show and I am definitely no exception. Mine was this:

He started the segment by talking about a father's unconditional love. The way he expresses his love for his children is just so admirable. Keana, his youngest daughter, is about to turn 18 this year, and he said that no matter how old she is, for him, he will always be this playful little girl:

An old video clip of Gary teaching 4-year old Keana how to sing.

Oh my gosh, tears just started rolling nonstop! It was sooo sweet and lovely. Words are not enough, really. Then moments later, Keana and Gab appeared on stage.

They sang "The Climb" together...

...while Gab played the piano.
Apart from dancing, this guy can also play instruments. What a revelation!

The concert had a number of guests, too.

Jericho Rosales can really sing live, and in tune ha. I likey!
Plus, he composed "Pusong Ligaw" all by himself. Way to go, crush!

Duncan Ramos actually performed with Gary V when he was a kid.
And boy, he can dance pala!

The last part was the "request" segment, where Gary graciously sang whatever the audience wanted to hear. Nakakaaliw, super. And did I mention that I was just one seat apart from rubbing elbows with this guy?

Sam Milby!
This photo is for you, cousin Toni. Haha!

What an amazing show! Can't wait to watch him again in the future! GARY V. ROCKS!

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