Monday, October 25, 2010

surprise, surprise.

It all started with a surprise announcement at Cookbook Kitchen about a month ago.

Tetah and Daks--ENGAGED! :)

My Forever Girls also known as BMG (Barkadahang Magastos)
Super ecstatic with the big news!

Of course, we ought to follow tradition so Jego planned a surprise bridal shower for the bride-to-be. Our venue: Lancaster Suites!

The Mastermind

The happy minions
Irene, Tin, and Jatts

The excited ones
Jego, Binder, Biggie, and me

Biggie's very high school lettering

The food courtesy of Deb, Chip, Caloi, Vina, and Jatts

And now, time to watch the big reveal!

Iiyak na yan! Iiyak na yan!

We are so happy for you, Mrs. de Leon-to-be! Weee!


  1. ooohhh Si Tetay pala ung pinost mo before na big surprise..Congrats to the two of them!
    How about you Kabbie, when are you going to tie the knot? =)