Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fab Find: Carrie's Turban

I'm sure a lot of us loved Sex and the City for the fashion, and Carrie's turban is just one of the ah-mazing pieces I swore I gotta have someday.

Hats are instant style ooomphers. Haha, I like making up my own words. :P In days when you can't think of anything to wear, just put on something casual then add a nice hat. Ta-da! Fab in an instant!

So as I was doing my usual mall rounds, I spotted this blue turban that made my heart leap!

It even matched my outfit!
The price: Only Php 199! Aaaack, we're totally meant to be!
Only 2 pieces left--1 blue and 1 brown--so of course, I bought them both!

I love you, Yhansy!

Grab a copy of the December issue of OK! Philippines and check out my other great finds from this store, perfect for your holiday gift list!

*Yhansy is located at 5th floor, Shangri-la Plaza Mall.
*SJP photo from here.

Dine In: Sicilian Express

Sicilian Express is our go-to comfort food since forever. Well actually, we only order two things from here: The Sicilian Salad and White Pizza. Perfect combination!

Sicilian Salad
This baby is the yummiest salad everrrr!

Showing off his "new" shirt!
(Back story: While looking at the photos from my camera the day before, I noticed that in most of our date night pics, he's wearing his striped yellow and gray shirt. So I was like "ay pag nilagay ko pala lahat 'to sa blog ko pare-parehas suot mo oh!" Hahaha!)

White Pizza
I am a sucker for anything cheesy and buttery so this one totally fits the bill!


Nom nom nom!

*Sicilian Express is located at Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Saturday, November 20, 2010

For the love of Taylor Swift

Ticket prices are out! I'm sooo excited for this!

Upper Box A it is!

Published in The Philippine Star

Thank you, Ovation Productions, for choosing Araneta Coliseum! I don't like MOA concerts because I'm too small to fight with those tall insensitive peeps standing on chairs. :-\

Next year's Valentines will be beyond fantastic! YAY! :)

*Photos grabbed from here.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Raket Science: BTS for Fashion Match, Cosmo Nov2010

Producing a fashion editorial is not a walk in the park, and I guess you know that by now. But lemme tell you, this particular project was twice as hard, because I needed to source out at least 7 identical outfits with huge price differences. It took me almost a week to go around different malls and scoured every single store to look for item duplicates. With my digicam as my secret weapon, I took photos of the clothes which I felt I can find similar versions of. Example, when I spotted this nautical top at Rustan's, I had this gut feeling that I can also find one in SM. Lo and behold, meron nga! :) So, by the end of the week, I was able to build outfits based from the loose pieces that I found. And the rest was history. :P

I was privileged to shoot this with no less than Sara Black. Man, she's amazing! Plus, I had my super team--Ria Gamboa for makeup, John Valle for hair, Krystle Rius and Lou Sison as models--to make my vision come to life. Check out behind-the-scene photos here!

Welcome to the Black Studio

John Valle and Ria Gamboa

The team at work

Sara Black, ready to shoot

The set

Me at work

Fixing this...

...and fixing that.

Phew! Happy and satisfied. :)

* BTS photos courtesy of Joyce Paulo
* Special thanks to Happy Lopez
* Grab a copy of Cosmo's Nov 2010 issue now!

Raket Science: Mahal VS Mura

Remember these two?

Mura and Mahal
HAHAHA! I have no words.

Don't panic. They're not going back on TV...yet. And I didn't style them. I just did a shoot inspired by their screen names, and now it's published (finally) on Cosmo's Nov ish!


Now, can you guess who's Ms. Splurge and Ms. Save?

Find out at Cosmo's November 2010 issue (Kim Chiu on the cover) and check out the other 5 identical looks I styled! The only main difference are the price tags--Hint: 1 Splurge outfit costs P14,983 VS the Save version which is only P6,036.75! Interesting, eh? Go grab a copy now! :)

Styling by Kabbie Rodriguez
Photographs by Sara Black
Makeup by Ria Gamboa
Hair by John Valle
Models: Krystle Rius and Lou Sison
Mahal and Mura photo from here.