Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fab Find: Carrie's Turban

I'm sure a lot of us loved Sex and the City for the fashion, and Carrie's turban is just one of the ah-mazing pieces I swore I gotta have someday.

Hats are instant style ooomphers. Haha, I like making up my own words. :P In days when you can't think of anything to wear, just put on something casual then add a nice hat. Ta-da! Fab in an instant!

So as I was doing my usual mall rounds, I spotted this blue turban that made my heart leap!

It even matched my outfit!
The price: Only Php 199! Aaaack, we're totally meant to be!
Only 2 pieces left--1 blue and 1 brown--so of course, I bought them both!

I love you, Yhansy!

Grab a copy of the December issue of OK! Philippines and check out my other great finds from this store, perfect for your holiday gift list!

*Yhansy is located at 5th floor, Shangri-la Plaza Mall.
*SJP photo from here.

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  1. I gotta visit Yhansy! Haven't been there yet! Na-excite ako sa fab find mo :)