Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Proposal

Dear Friends and Family,

Heto na ang kinasasabikang kilig story of the week! Hahaha! Okay, let's start from the very beginning.

Nov 9, 2011 was our shoot day for OK! Magazine's annual Christmas team photo. Part of my job is to produce this shoot, and that meant doing all the nitty gritty details--from booking the location, prod team (photog, makeup, hair), transportation, down to pulling out outfits for the whole staff. Whenever I'm producing a shoot, my brain works 10 times faster than everyone else because if anything goes wrong, my ass is on the line. So basically, WORK MODE is plastered on my forehead.

I did the pullouts the day before and because I had no assistant (she's currently on vacay), doble yung pagod. I was so tired that I called Mitor hoping that he can visit me at home and bring me Chatime's Roasted Milk Tea but he was at a party so he can't. So I just slept and woke up at 6AM to put together the outfits, packed them in a suitcase, then hurriedly took a bath to make it to our 9AM call time.

First on the beauty chair! 
That's hairstylist Marie Tan doing her thing

Right after hair and makeup, I'm off to the clothes rack! 
Studying combos and who should wear what.
Can you guess what our theme is? :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

On my watchlist

I'm not a TV addict but when I like a particular show, I'm very loyal, as in super. But the loyalty lasts until Season 3, except for Friends. So anyway, since our Features Editor a.k.a. Download Queen is super updated with all the TV shows in the US, I was able to score a few shows to watch. In fairness to me, ang dami nito!

For some teeny-bopper comedy
I was able to finish Season 1 in two nights! It's that fun! 
Can't wait for Season 2!

Because I miss Phoebe Buffay

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dahil sayang naman ang photos

This is super old news and I'm sure you've seen these from other sites, but I just wanna share my first ever Cosmo Bachelor Bash experience. I actually didn't know I was going (they don't just give away free tickets in the office) but when Ms. M found out that I haven't been to a single bash ever, I was able to score tickets the last minute. Weee!

So here are some snaps from the show. Enjoy!

 Warning. Bawal ang bagets!

 Men in Black...

 ...Now in white

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Things change,
friends leave,
and life doesn't stop
for anybody.
- The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stephen Chbosky

Today, I realized that it's quite hard to find true, flat-out honest friends. Change is constant, we all know that, so you're lucky if you have a friend who you know you can always count on--no judgments, no mind games. Someone who will tell you if you did something wrong, because she cares. Someone who will not talk behind your back, because you don't deserve that. Someone who will fight for the friendship, because it means a lot to her and she thinks it's worth saving.

So if you have at least one, treasure him/her. Nurture the relationship and never hold back. Because amidst the changes, one should not leave their true friends behind.

The October Issue

Have you seen OK! Magazine's latest issue, yet?

Buy my baby!

Unlike most glossies, October is our big fashion issue, which meant that I had more pages to fill than usual. Aside from that, it was my first time to do the cover blurbs which scared the shit out of me. Ha! That's why I looove this baby to bits!

Now, on to my much talked-about fashion story--the A-Z of Shoes. I'm super happy that a lot of people liked it! Really makes all the hard work super worth it. I don't remember how many pairs I borrowed for this ish, but let's just say it was quite a lot coz my mom freaked out when she saw all the shoe boxes in our guest room! Mwahahahaha.

So, how did I trim it down to 26 pairs? Here are behind-the-scene photos!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Office fun: Miss Universe 2011

September 13 was supposed to be just another typical work day. Clocked in right on time (yay!) and dragged my sleepy ass to my cube only to find out that there's a crowd in front of our TV area, all giddy and cheering like crazy. In my head I was's not the Oscars today, right? Hahaha, lagot ako if it was the Oscars and I didn't know about it! For those who are clueless, I work in a Hollywood magazine, so Oscars is some kinda our version of Christmas.  

So anyway, of course it was the Miss Universe pageant and we're actually winning, which explains why everyone was glued on the screen.  And I mean everyone, even the guys! The energy was so palpable, and because of that fan meter thingie going up and down on the screen, the whole office was roaring! Something like this:

Host: Ms. China! 
Office crowd: Down down down! Yay, ang baba!
Host: Ms. Philippines!
Office crowd: Woooo! Up up up up up... YAYYY!!!
Host: Ms. Angola!
Office crowd: DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN... ayyyy, daya!

Bwahahahaha. Napaka-competitive ng audience! When the contestants were down to 5, I just knew I had to record this moment.

Congratulations, Shamcey Supsup! I super love your answer, because it's very personal, flat out honest and delivered with much conviction, with no intention to please anyone but yourself. You have my utmost respect and admiration. Thank you for making that morning super fun and exciting! :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mango x Nivea Glamboard Express Event

About a month ago, I went to the Mango x Nivea Glamboard Express Launch held at Power Plant Mall. Glamboard Express is a Facebook app that works some kinda like Polyvore, where one can put together clothes to create a fashion mood board. Since the event called for something glam, here's the outfit I came up with:

Embellished button-down from The Ramp, Pleated palazzo pants from Seven Dials, Clutch and ring from Accessorize

I first saw those pleated palazzos in Topshop. It was around P3,700 (I think) then it went down to P1,900 during the mid-year sale. Was about to buy them but thanks to my very good hunting skills, I found a cheaper alternative in Crossings Dept. Store! I got those babies for around P900 and because I can't choose between black or gray, I bought 'em both! So parang di rin ako nakatipid! *facepalm*

Anyway, here are more photos from the event!

 With OK!'s Frances and Elaine

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Perfect staycation

I spent the last day of the 4-day weekend at home. I wanted to make sure to prep my body for the upcoming crazy days ahead, so I planned my perfect chillax home package. Woke up at 9:30am, but went downstairs an hour later (snooze queen). And because I am really serious with my fitness goal, I skipped breakfast, readily wore my Vibrams, turned on the Wii and danced 6 songs straight. After that, did about 10 sets of crunches on the Ab Rocket. Phew. I wish I can find time to do this every day. An hour and buckets of sweat later, I was ready to take a bath.

Since we don't have a bath tub, bumawi nalang ako sa products. Used bath stuff that I don't use on a regular basis, like the hair mask I got from Pantene and the cranberry body scrub from The Body Shop. Now my hair's so soft and bouncy and my skin smells like Christmas! Haha!

Next was hand and feet pampering. Because I'm too lazy to go to Luxe, I booked a 1pm appointment with I Do Nails, instead. I love that they came on time! 10 minutes early pa nga, actually. Heard a lot of good things about this home service nail salon and they surely lived up to my expectations!

 The set-up

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ramen love.

Ramen is my go-to comfort food. I love Japanese food so it's no surprise that I like it better than the usual wanton mami found in Chinese restos. I'm psyched to see that ramen joints are starting to pop all over the metro, and here are two places I've tried so far:

  Ajisen prides itself with using the best ingredients possible for our ramen. It all starts with Ajisen Oil, which enhances the taste of our unique Kyushu style white pork broth. Okinawa Natural Seasalt is used which is rich with nutritional properties. Ajisen Powder which is composed of a thousand kinds of Japanese spices gives our ramen its unique flavor. And finally, our Ramen Noodles are made out of 100% whole wheat which is cooked to an al-dente texture. This amount of detail to our dishes makes our ramen special from the rest. Source

 We ordered their signature Ajisen Ramen (P235). It has bbq pork, leek, boiled egg, cabbage, and fungus.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just dance.

Ever since I gained weight and lost my firm, flat abs (huhuhu), I've been trying to get back in shape and stopped drinking soda. The soda part has been successful, by the way. I haven't been drinking carbonated drinks regularly for the past two months (hurray!). Now for the exercise part, I went back to my first love--dancing.

Feels great to be back home

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Meeting Paris Hilton

Went to back-to-back press events for Paris Hilton last week. Well yeah, it was nice to see the heiress up close, although I wish we didn't have to wait for hours. I have low EQ, you know. Chos!

I decided to take my tiffany blue Banana Taipei for a spin, so here's the outfit I came up with:

 Pastel power!
Pale pink blazer from Kashieca, Black tank and skirt from Forever 21

 Pearl necklace from SM Accessories, Layered silver chains from Yhansy

Bag from Banana Taipei, bday gift of my BFF Aai
Ribbon connector ring from Accessorize, Purple sneaks from Lacoste Footwear

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bantayan snaps

I know I said I'll talk more about the trip but I'm too lazy to write so photo essay ang drama naten ngayon. Game!

That's me in my usual airport outfit: Adidas jacket, The North Face backpack, Adidas shoulder bag, harem pants, and Tribu sandals

First afternoon by the beach

Ready to hop to Virgin Islands

Touchdown Virgin Islands

 Beach girls 

 Happy girl

 Happy stroll

Muni-muni mode

Early risers. Woke up at 6am for...

...THIS! Danggit love.

My first time to ride a motorcycle. Fresh air overload.

Magellan's Cross: CHECK!

The happy gang!

Photos from Tin and Binder.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bantayan in Instagram

Last July, I went to Bantayan, Cebu with my high school friends for our annual post summer getaway. If last year's CDO trip cost us P100 each for round trip tickets, this time around it's only P214, with check-in luggage courtesy of Air Philippines. Hanep, diba? Kudos to my friends who are super experts in sale flights! Kayo na! :-D

This trip happened right smack in the middle of my busy work week, so I didn't have that much time to pack properly. Well, I brought all that I needed--clothes, sunblock, chargers, sarong, dry bag and everything else you can possibly think of...except for my camera's memory card! *facepalm*

Thank goodness for Instagram, I was able to take a few photos. 

 The shore

Our cottage

Ceiling art at Marisqueila O Portugese Restaurant

Beach girls

Will talk more about the trip on my next post!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

through thin and thick.

Dear Mitor,

I can't believe it's been 5 years since I gave you my "yes muffins". 

 Surprise, surprise!

Ang saya mo lang, 'no? :P

And because today is a very special day, let's take a look back at old snaps, shall we?

 July 2006, Tagaytay

June 2007, Zambales

 July 2008, TF Batcave

 July 2009, Tagaytay (again!)

 July 2010, Camiguin

May 2011, Chatime

Thank you for the 5 years of bliss, Mr. Arnis. I love you, always always, no matter what the weighing scale says. HAHAHA

Happy Anniversary, Victor Miguel Alipio. My heart is yours forever.


Monday, June 27, 2011

My sexy shoes.

Local shoe brand, CMG, launched their latest campaign called Oasis of Style last Tuesday.

 Bongga ang bali pose mo, girl!

The collection features a bunch of lust-worthy pairs--from sky high heels with lots of sparkle, to stacked heels and wedges, down to brogues and loafers. I was able to score a pair and gave it a test run the very next day. Talk about excited! :D

So here's me, inside the Tod's store during the Moda Italia event while ze boss Frances was fighting the urge to buy a bag. Haha!

Outfit deets: Sheer top from Dorothy Perkins, Skirt from SM Dept. Store, Purse from Mulberry for Target

The shoes look like a simple black peep-toe from the front, but wait... there's more!

Ain't that sexy or what?
Plus, it's surprisingly comfy and light. If you look closely, it's actually a wedge na may butas sa gitna. Hehehe. I bought Foot Petals just to make sure I won't slip.

 It comes in other colors, too!

This particular style is part of the brand's luxe line, exclusively available in Power Plant Mall.

*CMG photos courtesy of Thinline