Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hello everyone! Wow, okay, so where have I been, you ask? Aside from the fact that I'm really bad at this whole blog maintenance thing, I have a super valid reason for my 2-month absence--this:

My "comeback" issue as OK! Magazine's Associate Fashion Editor!

Yes, I gave up my freelance life and went back to my second home, Summit Media. Let's just say that I missed having some form of structure in my life. Haha! And of course, I love the magazine, I love the people behind the pages, so it wasn't such a hard decision to make. :)

The OK! Family
From left: (standing) Lana, Nicole, Frances,
(sitting) Joanna, Nichole, Sonny, Me, Jay, and Elaine

My new post officially started last December 1st. So you can just imagine how busy I was, adjusting to the whole time-in-time-out thing (no more work-in-bed for me), and the fact that December is the busiest month for raketeers (I did makeup for 3 weddings, I think). Plus, I had to fulfill the other raket commitments I made long before the job was offered to me. And let's not forget all the holiday hullabaloo--gifts, parties, traffic et al infinitum! Phew! It was definitely a crazy way to end my 2010, but a whole lot of fun, nevertheless!

Now back to my comeback issue. Our team is particularly proud of this Feb 2011 ish because it's super duper packed! And our new layout is so refreshing so please do grab a copy! You'll enjoy every page, I promise! Also, like us on Facebook for daily alerts and what-nots! Frances is cooking up a huge giveaway so come aboard and join the fun!

Haaaay, I love my job. It feels great to be back. :)

*Staff photo credits: Photo by Willy Saw. Makeup by Marie Calica & Ces Guerrero. Hair by Michael Morano & Adela Egan. Styling by yours truly.


  1. Oh! I missed you (hahahahaha!) But it's nice that you're back!

  2. Awww, thanks Crickette! Will post more often na talaga, promise. Haha :P