Monday, February 14, 2011

Four Valentines.

I can't believe we celebrated Valentines 4 times this year. Haha! Parang Pasko lang ah? First, it was last Wednesday.

M: Til what time ka today?
K: 8ish
M: Let's have dinner. Eto na yung Valentines celeb naten, ha?
K: Okay!

He took me to Cafe Lidia, a hole-in-the-wall resto in Marikina.

Buffalo wings, Seafood pasta, 3-cheese pizza

Then came Saturday.

K: Oh, oh I know what to watch for Valentines!
M: What?
K: Tangled
M: Cartoons?
K: Yes. BAKET? *with matching piercing eyes*
M: Ah, okay!

Wala na siya nasabi, diba? Hahaha! So we ended up eating Chinese food at Delicious Kitchen and watched Tangled at Rob Galleria. Cute movie! There's this one scene that made me cry! Just one tear, FYI. Haha! As if that makes any difference.

The thief who stole my heart. Yehesss.

Then came Sunday. We heard mass and then fishball-isaw-sari sari store fiesta...

Photo op with our Royal Sakto bottles. Meron na pala nun?!

...followed by Heart's day dinner with BMG at 1521 Restaurant at Shaw blvd.

The gang

By the end of the night, he asked:

M: Are we still going out tom?
K: I don't know, kahit hindi na.
M: Okay, bahala na.

So Monday morning came. No expectations, since he's not the type who would plan something extravagant. Plus, I always figure out his "surprise" attempts, just because he's not so good with the poker face thingamajig. Hahaha. But tonight, he caught me off-guard. He went to the office and brought this:

Beauty queen (and over-priced) roses for me!

Here's the thing: I never encouraged him to buy me flowers on Valentines day just because I know it's waaaaay too expensive. Being the kuripot that he is, on our first V-day together, he gave me this :

LULU plant. Valentines 2007
Isang halaman sa paso, which he proudly declares that he made from scratch, pink wrapping and ribbon included. I named it LULU kasi...bulaklak siya na nasa LUpa. Baduy, I know.
The plant lived a short life though. As in...1 month? HAHAHA

After Lulu, wala na. Because really, I'd rather have a bag or gift certificates from clothing brands/The Spa as a V-day present. But yeah, aaminin ko...kinilig ako today. Mwahahaha.

Now back to the date. Since we're both craving for Bellini's seafood pasta, we decided to go to Cubao Expo. Unfortunately, they have a set meal for the night, so we ended up eating these instead:

Salmon pasta, Ravioli, Fish-something, Beef-something, Obama cake, Tiramisu

Salamat, at binusog mo ang puso ko. :)

Happy Valentines, everyone!


  1. Awww. I was supposed to cook a four-course meal. But his mom (who's based abroad) emailed us, nangangamusta. I replied, cc-ing my husband, saying, "Enjoy Valentine's day! I'm just cooking dinner for him. Unless he decides to take me out. (hint hint)" A few minutes later, my husband was calling me na. Hahaha

  2. My first ever comment on your blog was about your Bellini's post. We really should go back there one of these days... haaaaaay!

  3. Tish! Hahaha! Good thing H can read between the lines! Sweet!

    Crix! Yes yes yes you should try Bellini's na!