Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Janet Jackson Love Affair.

It's 4:25 in the morning and I still can't get over it. I'm just SOOOO HAPPY. As in.

Quick history: "Again" was my first fave Janet song. That was year 1993, 9 years old, 3rd grade. Yeah, too young for a heartbreak song but the lyrics didn't matter much at that time. Then came "Runaway", but I really fell in love with her music and dance moves when "The Velvet Rope" album was released. "Together Again" was the first Janet dance piece I performed in school and since then I've always considered her as my forever idol.

So you can probably imagine how excited I was when I found out about her concert here in Manila. Ay, ibang level! It's been my longtime dream to see her perform live and I never thought that it'll happen this year! Seryoso, akala ko hanggang sa DVD nalang ako til the day I die (grab a copy of her concert in Hawaii, it's PHENOMENAL)! I even said that if ever I'll have a second life, I want to be Janet's back-up dancer. Yes, I'm such a fangirl.

And then came February 4th, 2011. The BIG day.

Sinong kinikilig? HAHAHA

The Janet Crew A.K.A. My Forever Girls / BMG (Barkadahang Magastos)
(L-R) Chippie, Jego, Me, Binder, Tin, Deb, Ligster
Photo courtesy of Tin Zablan

Got the best Php 5K seats in the house! PICC is the place to be!
Thanks for buying our tickets, Binder! :)
Photo courtesy of Tin Zablan

After an hour of waiting, the lights finally went off and we were welcomed with this:

A video message from Janet.
I didn't understand a word she said because we were all screaming our hearts out!
Photo courtesy of Tin Zablan

Then they played the "Go Deep" music video, the song dedicated to Manila.
And this happened next:
(Disclaimer: Wiggly video. I'm very magulo, can't keep the arms steady coz I just HAD to dance and scream and raise my hands in between! LOL)

Your hotness. Sexy, sexy, sexy!

Janet busting a move with her awesome dancers
Photo courtesy of Tin Zablan

Oh I'd love to be in their shoes!
Photo courtesy of Tin Zablan

The 2nd set.
She sang "Nothing", "Come Back To Me", "Let's Wait A While" and "Again".
Photo courtesy of Tin Zablan

The 3rd set--MY FAVORITE!
She opened it with "Doesn't Really Matter"

Watch the dance break here:
(Again, wiggly video. Sorry! Can't help it!)

Then she sang "Escapade", "All for You" and I can't seem to remember the rest. Hahaha

4th set: Started with "Black Cat", and ended with "Rhythm Nation".

The great finale: "Together Again"
Photo courtesy of Tin Zablan

As soon as photos of Janet with MJ flashed the screen, tears just started rolling down my face.
She kept looking up, singing every word to her brother.

"Everywhere I go, every smile I see
I know you are there, smiling back at me
Dancing in moonlight, I know you are free
'Coz I can see your star, shining down on me."

Oh man it was such an emotional number! I was crying, jumping, dancing, and singing all at the same time!

Photo courtesy of Tin Zablan

The final bow.
Photo courtesy of Tin Zablan

What an amazing show! Thank you sooo much, Ms. J! You are a dream come true.

Tissue, please! HAHAHA


  1. You got lovely seats!

    Again is my ultimate Janet Jackson song, too. I used to think it was about this guy I used to like --- but I was much too young for the lyrics of the song (especially with the hold me, hold me part)pero I was convinced na it was the perfect song! Hahaha!

  2. Hahaha! Hold me, hold me for the win! You're so cute, Crix!