Saturday, March 12, 2011

beach bum.

Just got back from a 5-day vacay in Boracay. I've been to Bora for a couple of times already so when the BF asked if we have specific activities planned, my answer was... wala, tambay lang.

And that's exactly what we did.

We rented this Winston tent along Station 2 for P200 pesos/day and we stayed here from 10am til sunset.

Beach + Mango shake = Perfection.

I am a mango addict but compared to Mitor, talo ako. If I had two mango shakes a day, Mitor had four, at naki-inom pa siya sa akin nun. Addict, much? He buys from different fruit stands and among all the shakes we tried, we love this the most:

Paupatri's Mango Shake
Yes, it's not Jonah's... just because Station 1 is too far.
Nakakatamad maglakad. Haha!

Serving shakes with a smile

Of course, beach bumming wouldn't be complete without my gear:

Beach mat, straw hat, dry bag, Ipod touch, X-mini speakers, Shu Uemura Facial Mist, VMV Armada Sunblock, Aldo shades, Ruffles and French Onion dip

Wearing my hot pink Vibrams. Well, you don't really need aqua shoes in Boracay since the sand is so fine, but I wore them anyway. :P

I spent hours just staring at the beach. Then I'll swim a bit, take a break at the bench, close my eyes and savor the breeze. It's been a while since I had these wala lang moments. I loved every minute of it.
And I also love my Cocomo swimsuit, by the way. Haha.

Aside from sleeping and eating, I also did some people watching.

That's Mitor, swimming on his own

The German boys, getting roasted and toasted

A foreign couple, having a picnic

And then there's this his briefs. LOL

I also grabbed the latest issue of YES! Magazine and read the much talked-about 39-page Sarah Geronimo-Rayver Cruz love story. It was sooo juicy that...

...even the BF read every single page.

After I took the video, he quipped:

M: Wag mo ipo-post yan ah, wala na ma-a-attract saken nyan
K: Baket, gusto mo pa marami ma-attract sa'yo?
M: Ayaw mo 'nun, dami na-a-attract saken tas ikaw lang gusto ko?

May ganun? Hahaha.

And then on our last day, he surprised me with this:

Beauty queen flowers.

No matter how commercialized Boracay has become (it really is depressing, to tell you honestly), I will always come back for this:

Super fine white sand and clear waters
Still, nothing compares. (In my opinion)

Forget the clubs, forget the shops, forget the outdoor activities.
Boracay's main attraction is nothing but the beach.


  1. I didn't know you had a blog, Kabbie! I super like the product still life, ed na ed! :)

  2. Hahaha! Super thanks, Mariel! Yeah, I have this thing for quite sometime now pero I'm too busy to update! Hopefully I can do something like your 30-day project *cross fingers* :)

  3. kabs! mwahahaha we have the SAME BEACH MAT!! mwahahahahaha did you get yours from rustans also?

    at pinag usapan lang natin ang yes mag. natapos nyo? in fair, good read under the umbrella in bora! hahaha

  4. GF! mwahahaha we're meant to be talaga. :P got mine at ROX Boni High St :)

    Naku sa airport pa lang gustong gusto ko na bumili pero nagbago isip ko... then pagdating ko ng Bora di ko na talaga natiis bumili na ko kahit mas mahal ng 20 pesos! :D