Sunday, April 10, 2011

green minded.

The Cambridge Satchels finally arrived at Schu. Got mine yesterday and took it for a spin the very next day.

 Sheer top and denim shorts from Tiendesitas bazaar

13-inch green Cambridge Satchel and Toms in silver glitter

I love my new baby! The color! The stitching! The smell! Aaaaah. Now I'm thinking of ordering one of those flouros, too. Hmmmm. 

Anyhoo, dropped by Fully Booked (as always) because I wanted to buy another book but I had to stop myself credit card bill will arrive this week! Afraid. Guess who's not eating in the next 5 days? Mwahahaha. Happy Sunday, everyone! :)


  1. It's okay. If you do not eat, you will be sexier and will look better carrying the lovely bag. Totally worth it, I say! Hahahahahahhah! I'm not a fan of green, but that looks good...

  2. hahaha! you're so cute, crix!

  3. woot! meron na dito! :) how much siya dito? hinahanap ko to sa SG!! haha

  4. Hi Toj! It's P5,999 for the 13-inch. Go ka na sa Schu to order! :)

  5. kakatawag ko lang, sa June pa daw magkakastock if I reserve now. try ko ulit hanap sa SG :) sakto yung bili mo, green/vintage brown hanap ko eh :)

  6. Madison in Powerplant Mall also sells! Check

    I think meron pa sila nung vintage brown :)