Saturday, April 9, 2011

leather and fiction.

Two weeks ago, I felt the urge to read again. I've been too swamped with work lately and I kind of wanted to get away from anything fashion/magazine/work-related. So I went to Fully Booked and bought this:

I don't know anything about this book, aside from the fact that it's one of the store's best sellers. No time to dilly-dally since the store was about to close so I went straight to the cashier. Spent a little time looking through the trinkets by the counter and a familiar face caught my eye:

Aklat Eklat's leather book jackets.

I was with my bff Aai when we first saw this at the Rockwell bazaar about 2 years ago. She bought one and I bought one as a Christmas gift for our friend, J. Didn't have the budget to get one for myself at that time and I kind of forgot about it already because again, I haven't read a decent book for a quite a while. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it again. Love!

I have this thing about good quality leather. The smell alone can make me giddy. I totally admire the craftsmanship that goes along with leather goods. It's just so... fascinating. I'm really not particular with brands. Basta quality leather, solb na ko. Now look at my pretty book!

Ganda lang.

And then I brought out this thingy I got from Saizen a long time ago:

What is this thing, you ask?

You use it for this!

Aminin mo, useful siya.

As of today, I'm on Chapter 15 and enjoying every single page with my leather-smelling book. Simple pleasures that I deserve.


  1. Hi Kabbie,
    May I share this on Aklat Eklat's FB page? Thanks!
    Love that finger thingie! What a great tool. Hope you and your aklat eklat are going on more reading adventures!

  2. Suuuure, Aklat Eklat! I love your stuff! I want to buy another one for my bigger books but I want to have my name embossed. Hee. Are you participating in bazaars soon? :)