Wednesday, June 29, 2011

through thin and thick.

Dear Mitor,

I can't believe it's been 5 years since I gave you my "yes muffins". 

 Surprise, surprise!

Ang saya mo lang, 'no? :P

And because today is a very special day, let's take a look back at old snaps, shall we?

 July 2006, Tagaytay

June 2007, Zambales

 July 2008, TF Batcave

 July 2009, Tagaytay (again!)

 July 2010, Camiguin

May 2011, Chatime

Thank you for the 5 years of bliss, Mr. Arnis. I love you, always always, no matter what the weighing scale says. HAHAHA

Happy Anniversary, Victor Miguel Alipio. My heart is yours forever.


Monday, June 27, 2011

My sexy shoes.

Local shoe brand, CMG, launched their latest campaign called Oasis of Style last Tuesday.

 Bongga ang bali pose mo, girl!

The collection features a bunch of lust-worthy pairs--from sky high heels with lots of sparkle, to stacked heels and wedges, down to brogues and loafers. I was able to score a pair and gave it a test run the very next day. Talk about excited! :D

So here's me, inside the Tod's store during the Moda Italia event while ze boss Frances was fighting the urge to buy a bag. Haha!

Outfit deets: Sheer top from Dorothy Perkins, Skirt from SM Dept. Store, Purse from Mulberry for Target

The shoes look like a simple black peep-toe from the front, but wait... there's more!

Ain't that sexy or what?
Plus, it's surprisingly comfy and light. If you look closely, it's actually a wedge na may butas sa gitna. Hehehe. I bought Foot Petals just to make sure I won't slip.

 It comes in other colors, too!

This particular style is part of the brand's luxe line, exclusively available in Power Plant Mall.

*CMG photos courtesy of Thinline

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Plus one.

Mitor's college friends, Noel and Camille, tied the knot last Saturday. It's been a while since I last went to a wedding as a guest and not as a makeup artist, so I kinda looked forward to dressing up for this event and be the boyf's plus one.

 Outfit deets: Maxi dress from SM Dept. Store Teens (seriously!) Wear, Necklace from The Ramp, Purse from Mulberry for Target, Shoes from Stella Luna

 Oo na, ikaw na ang may dimples

Guess what I'm doing?
Playing SCOOPS on my iTouch!
Mitor was trying to distract me coz I'm so good at this game! See my winning smirk? Haha!
Photo by Caleb

Best wishes, Noel and Camille! :)

My "Bossy" Outfit

I was invited to the launch of SM Accessories a few weeks back. I missed looking corporate-y so here's what I ended up wearing:

 Cape from The Ramp, Shift dress from Faith Hope Love, 
Bag from Topshop, Pumps from Parisian

Funny how my teammate J commented on my outfit. And I quote, "I like your dress, pang boss." Yehesss. 

The stage

Dahil ibang klase lume-vel up ang SM, it was a star-studded event despite the bad weather. At dahil chaka yung runway photos ko, please click here to see some snaps from the show. 

 A feature from The Philippine Star last June 22

And guess what?
My "bossy" outfit made it on paper! Achieve!
With Cosmo's Happy Lopez

Yes, the accessories were lovely and there were so many artistas who walked the runway but when these two came out, my heart leaped!



My goodness, I'm such a kid. =P

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fab Find: Prada-ish dress

Prada's bold and bright stripes were one of the biggest trends of S/S 2011. 

Photo from

Hailee Steinfeld wore a longer version to the SAG Awards
Photo from here

 Then Amanda Seyfried rocked the same dress on Elle's April ish

And now, you can wear one too! Well, sort of.

Striped maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins
Around P3K only!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fab Find: Darna bands

I love wearing leather bands. I've got tons already and I still can't get enough. I like stuff with one-word boosters. Remember this post? It's funny how my friend Pia tagged them as "Darna bands". In a way, the Darna part kinda meshes well with the concept, don't you think? Words + Power = DARNA! Mwahahaha. 

The latest from my stash is from The Bead Shop. Bought these two as a birthday present for myself.

 "Inspire" because I live to inspire (Well, I try my best)
"Love Love Crazy Love" because Mitor and I love that song

The brand offers a lot of words to choose from. Best of all, you can even have one customized (ready for pick-up after 3 days) without extra charge!

Price range is P250-P350. Not bad, right?
I likey very much!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

gossip boy

I stopped watching Gossip Girl after I realized na every episode nalang may party. Hahaha. In other words, wala siyang sustansiya (my opinion, don't kill me), except for the fashion part. The styling in that show is ah-mazing! So when J told me that we were invited to Ed Westwick's presscon for Penshoppe, I got giddy not because I'm a GG fan, but because it's Chuck Bass--the only guy I know who can pull off those pink bow ties and make 'em look hot.

Here's a video clip of the event, with my 1-second appearance with my fellow OK! girls. LOL

Spot me at 0:22!

Here's a screen shot
That's me, caught in the act of munching chips. :P

P.S. Got that orange maxi dress from SM Dept Store Teens Wear!


polka dots and other bday treats.

Okay I know this is a super late follow-up to my previous post but anyway, here it is. A few days before my birthday, mom asked me what I wanted for my handa. I only asked for 2 things--a polka-dot (because its my fave Fall/Winter 2011 trend) cake with bubblegum icing from Cakes & Bakes and buttered garlic shrimps.

A little tidbit about Cakes & Bakes: This pastry shop has been around for ages and we've been their suki for years. Our family loves the bubblegum icing kasi (the marshmallowy texture) and I'm sure you're aware of the fact that most cake shops don't sell that anymore...puro butter icing and fondant nalang. As much as I love butter and appreciate the art that goes into the whole fondant icing thingamajig, nothing tastes better than soft, freshly baked cake topped with white, fluffy, and not-too-sweet icing.

Their bubblegum icing variety needs to be ordered at least 2 days in advance so the 'rents went there and told them about my polka-dot concept. Now, since the saleslady is kinda old, my mom had a hard time explaining the polka-dots. And I quote: "Ay nako Karen ang hirap i-explain yang polka-dots mo ha! Paulit-ulit kami nung tindera, di niya ma-gets ang tanda na kasi! Din-rowing ko na nga eh pero parang di pa rin niya naintindihan. So pag panget bahala na." That made me chuckle. What's so hard about drawing circles around the cake? *scratches head*

Anyway, here it is!

 My polka-dot cake! :)

Making a wish with my nephew Liam

 Buttered garlic shrimps. Nomnomnom.

Mom also added the usuals for everyone to enjoy:

Top: Pancit from Amber &  Chicken lollipop
Bottom: Embotido & Pichi-pichi

Plus a tub of ice cream from Tita Cindy

The next day was my time to treat so I brought the fambam to CPK. Thank you Cash Cash Pinoy for the vouchers! Hahaha.

The Rodriguezes

What we ate:

 Classic Ceasar salad

Garlic cheese foccacia with checca

 Cheeseburger pizza

Garlic cream fettuccine with shrimps

 Grilled sausage and pepper penne (I think)

That's it, pancit! BURPPPPP.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My 27th.

Unlike last year, this year's birthday was far from grand. Well, I actually had "plans" but due to lack of funds, I decided to skip the party and spent the day all by myself.

My day kicked off pretty well as I woke up to a long list of notifications from my Facebook wall, all of which were birthday greetings from friends, family, and colleagues. I did not file a birthday leave because I needed to do some crucial pre-prod thing for my shoot scheduled on Monday. So I dressed up in my comfiest garb--over-sized button-down, skinny jeans, ballet flats--and headed off to work as usual. When I arrived, our row was empty, and I saw this on my monitor:

 CH-CHECK it out! Haha, Lana you're so cute!

Chocolate cake from Starbucks!
I love you, my OK! fam! :)

Didn't get the chance to eat the cake with the team coz I had to rush to the malls for my pre-prod. Was hoping to finish early so I can get a massage and catch the 6PM mass. 7 cab rejections and 3 malls later, I was able to accomplish my tasks for the day. Next on the itenerary: The Spa.

 Feels like heaven

The hallway

My room

The Rockwell branch has premier suites only, so rates are higher. The Swedish massage costs P1,600, which is around P900 if you go to the Boni High branch. Good thing I brought my Belle de Jour coupon, so I was able to get a 20% discount. So, ano ang meron sa premier suite na wala sa pang-commoners, you ask?

Solo accommodations, baby!

Own tub

I almost fell asleep here

Ghost chair

Own toiletries

And of course, the very famous ginger tea.
Pano ba magtimpla ng ganito?
Teach me and I will love you forever!

The room was so quiet so I played my own version of spa music--Jewel's Spirit album

Fresh na fresh.
Happy 27th to me!

My next post will be all about the food I ate so stay tuned! :)