Sunday, June 19, 2011

gossip boy

I stopped watching Gossip Girl after I realized na every episode nalang may party. Hahaha. In other words, wala siyang sustansiya (my opinion, don't kill me), except for the fashion part. The styling in that show is ah-mazing! So when J told me that we were invited to Ed Westwick's presscon for Penshoppe, I got giddy not because I'm a GG fan, but because it's Chuck Bass--the only guy I know who can pull off those pink bow ties and make 'em look hot.

Here's a video clip of the event, with my 1-second appearance with my fellow OK! girls. LOL

Spot me at 0:22!

Here's a screen shot
That's me, caught in the act of munching chips. :P

P.S. Got that orange maxi dress from SM Dept Store Teens Wear!


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