Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My 27th.

Unlike last year, this year's birthday was far from grand. Well, I actually had "plans" but due to lack of funds, I decided to skip the party and spent the day all by myself.

My day kicked off pretty well as I woke up to a long list of notifications from my Facebook wall, all of which were birthday greetings from friends, family, and colleagues. I did not file a birthday leave because I needed to do some crucial pre-prod thing for my shoot scheduled on Monday. So I dressed up in my comfiest garb--over-sized button-down, skinny jeans, ballet flats--and headed off to work as usual. When I arrived, our row was empty, and I saw this on my monitor:

 CH-CHECK it out! Haha, Lana you're so cute!

Chocolate cake from Starbucks!
I love you, my OK! fam! :)

Didn't get the chance to eat the cake with the team coz I had to rush to the malls for my pre-prod. Was hoping to finish early so I can get a massage and catch the 6PM mass. 7 cab rejections and 3 malls later, I was able to accomplish my tasks for the day. Next on the itenerary: The Spa.

 Feels like heaven

The hallway

My room

The Rockwell branch has premier suites only, so rates are higher. The Swedish massage costs P1,600, which is around P900 if you go to the Boni High branch. Good thing I brought my Belle de Jour coupon, so I was able to get a 20% discount. So, ano ang meron sa premier suite na wala sa pang-commoners, you ask?

Solo accommodations, baby!

Own tub

I almost fell asleep here

Ghost chair

Own toiletries

And of course, the very famous ginger tea.
Pano ba magtimpla ng ganito?
Teach me and I will love you forever!

The room was so quiet so I played my own version of spa music--Jewel's Spirit album

Fresh na fresh.
Happy 27th to me!

My next post will be all about the food I ate so stay tuned! :)

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