Sunday, June 19, 2011

polka dots and other bday treats.

Okay I know this is a super late follow-up to my previous post but anyway, here it is. A few days before my birthday, mom asked me what I wanted for my handa. I only asked for 2 things--a polka-dot (because its my fave Fall/Winter 2011 trend) cake with bubblegum icing from Cakes & Bakes and buttered garlic shrimps.

A little tidbit about Cakes & Bakes: This pastry shop has been around for ages and we've been their suki for years. Our family loves the bubblegum icing kasi (the marshmallowy texture) and I'm sure you're aware of the fact that most cake shops don't sell that anymore...puro butter icing and fondant nalang. As much as I love butter and appreciate the art that goes into the whole fondant icing thingamajig, nothing tastes better than soft, freshly baked cake topped with white, fluffy, and not-too-sweet icing.

Their bubblegum icing variety needs to be ordered at least 2 days in advance so the 'rents went there and told them about my polka-dot concept. Now, since the saleslady is kinda old, my mom had a hard time explaining the polka-dots. And I quote: "Ay nako Karen ang hirap i-explain yang polka-dots mo ha! Paulit-ulit kami nung tindera, di niya ma-gets ang tanda na kasi! Din-rowing ko na nga eh pero parang di pa rin niya naintindihan. So pag panget bahala na." That made me chuckle. What's so hard about drawing circles around the cake? *scratches head*

Anyway, here it is!

 My polka-dot cake! :)

Making a wish with my nephew Liam

 Buttered garlic shrimps. Nomnomnom.

Mom also added the usuals for everyone to enjoy:

Top: Pancit from Amber &  Chicken lollipop
Bottom: Embotido & Pichi-pichi

Plus a tub of ice cream from Tita Cindy

The next day was my time to treat so I brought the fambam to CPK. Thank you Cash Cash Pinoy for the vouchers! Hahaha.

The Rodriguezes

What we ate:

 Classic Ceasar salad

Garlic cheese foccacia with checca

 Cheeseburger pizza

Garlic cream fettuccine with shrimps

 Grilled sausage and pepper penne (I think)

That's it, pancit! BURPPPPP.

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