Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just dance.

Ever since I gained weight and lost my firm, flat abs (huhuhu), I've been trying to get back in shape and stopped drinking soda. The soda part has been successful, by the way. I haven't been drinking carbonated drinks regularly for the past two months (hurray!). Now for the exercise part, I went back to my first love--dancing.

Feels great to be back home

I had my first formal hip-hop training at Orange Dance Studio (ODS). That was 2004. I've always loved dancing and I'm glad that I found the right place to nurture my love for the craft. I don't know why I don't have photos of that year, though. Boo.

And because I super enjoyed that summer workshop, it sorta became an annual thing.

 Props Division - Summer 2005

 Black Edition - Summer 2006
I'm the one wearing a hat

Then work happened. My hectic schedule just won't fit into theirs. At that time, their class schedules were more student-friendly than yuppy-friendly. So as an alternative, me and my dancemate Jo-e would join mini workshops from various dance studios every now and then. This is my fave routine taught by Jason Zamora of the Manouevers. 

Meet the Tuesday Group! (Parang That's Entertainment lang)
Piece: Justin Timberlake's "My Love"
and Janet Jackson's "So Excited"
I'm the one in the salmon shirt. Ang payat ko lang dito! Hahaha

Then I took a loooong break. 2008-2009 was more of me and my search for the right career. So dancing took a backseat because for one, I couldn't afford it. Then came summer of 2010, and I was ready to go back. I tried All Stars Danceschool in Greenhills.

My profile photo for the show

Fast-forward to July 2011. After 7 months on the job, I was able to create a steady pace in my crazy work schedule. The crazy work sched resulted to stress eating, thus, the weight gain. I actually think that I look healthier now (dati kasi malnourished eh) but I just want to tone my body and get rid of the flabs. Since ODS is just a tricycle away from my office, I enrolled in their a twice-a-week workshop.

Back to ODS after 5 years of hiatus!

Dance outfit: Cropped tee from Topshop, Black tank from Forever 21, Harem pants from Oxygen, Sneaks from K-Swiss

Photo wall

Ang mga bagets. Tanda ko na talaga.

The workshop I signed-up for ends next week, just in time for this:

I'm performing one routine here!

Curious on what to expect on the show? WATCH THIS!

Orange Dance Core's Janet Jackson Tribute
Sobrang lupit nito!!!

You'll see that a A LOT MORE on 9.10.11! 
So come on, you guys! Message me for tickets!

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