Monday, September 19, 2011

Office fun: Miss Universe 2011

September 13 was supposed to be just another typical work day. Clocked in right on time (yay!) and dragged my sleepy ass to my cube only to find out that there's a crowd in front of our TV area, all giddy and cheering like crazy. In my head I was's not the Oscars today, right? Hahaha, lagot ako if it was the Oscars and I didn't know about it! For those who are clueless, I work in a Hollywood magazine, so Oscars is some kinda our version of Christmas.  

So anyway, of course it was the Miss Universe pageant and we're actually winning, which explains why everyone was glued on the screen.  And I mean everyone, even the guys! The energy was so palpable, and because of that fan meter thingie going up and down on the screen, the whole office was roaring! Something like this:

Host: Ms. China! 
Office crowd: Down down down! Yay, ang baba!
Host: Ms. Philippines!
Office crowd: Woooo! Up up up up up... YAYYY!!!
Host: Ms. Angola!
Office crowd: DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN... ayyyy, daya!

Bwahahahaha. Napaka-competitive ng audience! When the contestants were down to 5, I just knew I had to record this moment.

Congratulations, Shamcey Supsup! I super love your answer, because it's very personal, flat out honest and delivered with much conviction, with no intention to please anyone but yourself. You have my utmost respect and admiration. Thank you for making that morning super fun and exciting! :)


  1. Kahihiyan! Peejo posted videos too! Haha

  2. OMG! Nakakatuwa! Bakit naeexcite din ako, parang andun lang ako?

  3. Parang laban lang ni Pacquaio...the world stops! Hahaha