Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't you just hate it when...

... you slather your face with soap and then suddenly there's no water coming out from the faucet? then you have to go down from the third floor with your eyes semi-closed (because the soap stings) just so you can finish washing your face?

... you end up paying for something that isn't your fault to begin with? plus you have credit cards bills to pay so you really need the money?

... someone tells you they're on their way and then arrives two hours later?

... you want to save money so you ask the maid to cook your baon and she tells you "naglalaba ako, bumili ka nalang." ?

... you bought a new printer so you can finally print colored stuff and your laptop just can't recognize it after installing everything and following what's on the manual?

... you decide to shoo the bad vibes away by just looking through Pinterest and the god damn website takes a loooonnng time to load that you end up cursing?

... you give the cab driver a 100-peso bill for your P82 fare, and he says he doesn't have change, and you don't have a 2-peso coin so he can give you P20, so you end up paying P100?

The story of my week, folks. And it's only Wednesday.

*scratches head*

I seriously need a drink.