Thursday, March 11, 2010

cavite weekend / photoshit.

I super love spending my weekends with my kadamates. We went to Cavite last weekend to celebrate Tetah's, Chip's, and Tin's birthdays plus Tetah and Dak's anniversary (ayiheee!). I tagged along Dea, our long lost grade school buddy to join us. As always, every trip has its own story to tell. Here's our story, in photos:

We arrived Saturday, around 8PM, with empty stomachs ready to attack!

Let the games/drinking begin!
It's "In-Between" night and I volunteered to be the bangkera, so I didn't lose any money although my arms hurt the next morning coz I had to distribute cards--hence, extend my arms--around the huge table for like 1oo times or more. Exercise! Haha!

The first set was intense! Every player lost their bets! Hahaha! From a P35 initial pot it grew to something around P500+! Nakakatense! Di kinaya ng mga nagyoyosi so they begged for a yosi break. LOL. But after that, winning steak na for some players. Wonders of yosi, eh?

Jego and her good morning pose.
Masyadong napasarap kasi ang tulog. Hahaha. Her roomates didn't get to sleep coz she was snoring the entire time. Yaan n'yo na, pagod ang biyahera naten eh.

Good morning sunshine! Our usual "family" pic.
This is us, celebrating Christmas in March!
L-R - Dea, Tin, Dell, Jego, Mitor, Me, Maita, Pao, Bigs, Binds, Deb, Chip, Tetah

Having fun under the sun!

Next agenda: Photoshit!

Brought my makeup gear with me.
Here's me at work in my jammies!

Tin and Biggie, our resident photogs

*drumroll please*
before and after shots!




Dak's request: Bridal makeup. O ayan, magpropose ka na ha? *kilig*


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