Sunday, October 16, 2011

On my watchlist

I'm not a TV addict but when I like a particular show, I'm very loyal, as in super. But the loyalty lasts until Season 3, except for Friends. So anyway, since our Features Editor a.k.a. Download Queen is super updated with all the TV shows in the US, I was able to score a few shows to watch. In fairness to me, ang dami nito!

For some teeny-bopper comedy
I was able to finish Season 1 in two nights! It's that fun! 
Can't wait for Season 2!

Because I miss Phoebe Buffay

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dahil sayang naman ang photos

This is super old news and I'm sure you've seen these from other sites, but I just wanna share my first ever Cosmo Bachelor Bash experience. I actually didn't know I was going (they don't just give away free tickets in the office) but when Ms. M found out that I haven't been to a single bash ever, I was able to score tickets the last minute. Weee!

So here are some snaps from the show. Enjoy!

 Warning. Bawal ang bagets!

 Men in Black...

 ...Now in white

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Things change,
friends leave,
and life doesn't stop
for anybody.
- The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stephen Chbosky

Today, I realized that it's quite hard to find true, flat-out honest friends. Change is constant, we all know that, so you're lucky if you have a friend who you know you can always count on--no judgments, no mind games. Someone who will tell you if you did something wrong, because she cares. Someone who will not talk behind your back, because you don't deserve that. Someone who will fight for the friendship, because it means a lot to her and she thinks it's worth saving.

So if you have at least one, treasure him/her. Nurture the relationship and never hold back. Because amidst the changes, one should not leave their true friends behind.

The October Issue

Have you seen OK! Magazine's latest issue, yet?

Buy my baby!

Unlike most glossies, October is our big fashion issue, which meant that I had more pages to fill than usual. Aside from that, it was my first time to do the cover blurbs which scared the shit out of me. Ha! That's why I looove this baby to bits!

Now, on to my much talked-about fashion story--the A-Z of Shoes. I'm super happy that a lot of people liked it! Really makes all the hard work super worth it. I don't remember how many pairs I borrowed for this ish, but let's just say it was quite a lot coz my mom freaked out when she saw all the shoe boxes in our guest room! Mwahahahaha.

So, how did I trim it down to 26 pairs? Here are behind-the-scene photos!