Sunday, October 2, 2011

The October Issue

Have you seen OK! Magazine's latest issue, yet?

Buy my baby!

Unlike most glossies, October is our big fashion issue, which meant that I had more pages to fill than usual. Aside from that, it was my first time to do the cover blurbs which scared the shit out of me. Ha! That's why I looove this baby to bits!

Now, on to my much talked-about fashion story--the A-Z of Shoes. I'm super happy that a lot of people liked it! Really makes all the hard work super worth it. I don't remember how many pairs I borrowed for this ish, but let's just say it was quite a lot coz my mom freaked out when she saw all the shoe boxes in our guest room! Mwahahahaha.

So, how did I trim it down to 26 pairs? Here are behind-the-scene photos!

Group 'em all together!
My editor gave me 11 pages so I sorted the shoes per page. Had to consider the colors (they should look unified) and equal brand exposure.

Other pairs for back-up

Our Art Director, Red, wanted to insert legs for variety. So I booked a model to do...

Agnes with her long lean legs in focus. 
Keri lang ang higa-higa sa sahig!

The finished product :)

Another feature to watch out for is our annual Best Dressed List. Check out the 10 stars who made the cut and learn how to cop their personal styles!

Hollywood Stylistas

Plus, we have The Vampire Diaries special, Nick and Vanessa's wedding, Orlando Bloom, and a whole lot more! Super sulit, promise! Go grab a copy, you guys!


  1. Ooooh! That does sound like a jampacked issue! Will definitely get myself a copy :)

    Good job Kabbie!

  2. Yay! Thanks, Jill! Hope to see you again soon! :)

  3. ito ang ginawa mo during the shoe ban! tapos na sept, nakabili ka na? haha ganda nung styling dun sa photo, wow! =) theres a part of me that wants to read the article and another part saying, shopping ban! hahaha =)

  4. hahaha, i know, right?! buti nalang size 9 yung model so most of the shoes i pulled out eh maluwag saken! and would you believe that i haven't bought a single shoe since my so-called ban? i'm so proud of myself! wee!

    thanks so much for liking, gf! will bring an ish the next time we hang out. heehee.