Thursday, March 17, 2011

twelve again.

So who watched Taylor Swift's concert last February? I did!

Now, let me tell you about the major pain of free seating: lining up early.

The looooong line
Reminded me of the Forever 21 sale, but times two. Or three.

That's the crowd situation when we arrived. Time check: 2PM. Concert time: 8PM. Sucks, right? But we gotta do what we gotta do. We stood in line for about 4 freaking hours. Under the sun. With sweaty kids around. Suffocation 101.

This was not actually the first time I lined up for hours to watch a show. Remember these guys?

I cringe.

We were in first year highschool, I think. The Moffatts came to the Philippines to promote their new album, and of course, there was a mall show. SM Megamall Bldg A. My friends and I lined up at 10am. Show time: 4Pm. Yes, we were THAT pathetic. And when I look back now, all I can say is... sana sa Hanson nalang ako pumila! :D

But hey, the lining-up-early did pay off coz we ended up near the front row! So for our twelve-year old selves, it was a surreal moment and a huge accomplishment...even if one of us fainted in the middle of the show because of the wild crowd. Mwahahaha

So there, the lining-up-for-T.Swift wasn't such a new thing to me. You gotta work hard to get good seats, man. That's the curse of not being able to buy good tickets. Actually, when I found out that there were still Upperbox B tickets for sale, I was kinda reluctant, so I called the BF first.

K: Ui, may tickets pa sa Taylor!
M: Talaga?!!! Bili ka na baka maubos na naman
K: Eh kaya lang free seating eh, okay lang?
M: Yeah
K: Kahit na kelangan naten pumila ng sobrang aga? Kasi pag late na likod na lang ni Taylor makikita naten
M: Oo kahit gano pa kaaga crush ko yun eh

Seriously, those were his exact words. So okay lang pala ah. But after an hour of standing in line...

M: Baket nga ba ulit free seating yung tickets naten?
K: Kasi naubos agad yung Upperbox A. Pagod ka na 'no? *smirk*
M: Oo, ang tagal eh!
K: Welcome to the world of pop culture, babe.
M: O basta next time pag free seating wag na tayo manood, ha?
K: Kahit na crush mo?
M: Eh ang tagal eh!

Haha, panis si Mr. Arnis.

So when they finally opened the gates, it felt like heaven. Adrenalin kicked in pretty fast and we were scrambling with the kids to get the best seats. Hahaha! Kakahiya. Good thing my OK! teammate, Elaine, managed to get the finest seats in our level.

Gitna kung gitna! Wuhoo!

And the waiting part continues. But my iTouch came prepared. I think I was able to finish 2 episodes of The Vampire Diaries before the show finally started.

And then finally, she came out.

Salamat sa wide-screen, Araneta!

Watch her opening spiel here:

Medyo nag-effort ako sa subtitles ha.

And now, concert photos!

Hi Taylor, can I have your gold fringe dress? Super like!

Back to December. My favorite.

Dear John.
Emote kung emote.


Finale: Love Story.

With Elaine and Aia

Told you we were twelve again.

Oh what a day it was! Tiring but super worth it, nonetheless! Although next time...I really want my reserved seats. Let's leave the lining-up-early to the twelve year-olds. Hahaha


  1. Haha "Gitna kung gitna!" =D Love it! Till the next concert! :)

  2. awesome seats! tlagang gitna kung gitna!!!