Sunday, August 15, 2010

hair story.

I've been sporting full bangs ever since I saw 500 Days of Summer. I sooo love Zooey's look and she's my forever hair peg. Haha. I'm still waiting for my locks to grow a bit more though, so I can have it permed and wake up every single day with "Zooey" hair. Hee.

Girl crush.

So yes, the bangs are here to stay, and so does the regular maintenance that goes with it. The funny thing about bangs is that there are just some hairstylists who can't do it right. Looks easy to trim, but when you make a mistake, it's crucial. Being the cheaposaurus that I am, I tried this salon in Metrowalk offering bangs trimming at a very minimal fee. It's just bangs, how can you possibly make a mistake, right? But lo and behold, the stylist trimmed it waaayyyy too high, and I was mortified! If only I can turn back time, I would've been more willing to pay a lot than wait for months for my bangs to grow back!

Me and my pinned bangs. November 2009.
I had to keep it pinned for 2 months! Hassle, much?

Since then, I vowed to never take chances with my bangs maintenance. Like a prodigal daughter, I went back to my stylist, Rey Fernandez, and he welcomed me back with open arms. LOL

I met Rey in 2006 and he did my first ever expensive haircut. Well, I used to be content with P50 haircuts so paying for a P650 service is a lot in my book. I gave him the freedom to play with my hair, and so far i liked the cuts he gave me.

These are just some of Rey's haircuts I unearthed from my gazillion photo albums. The longer one was my very first, year 2006, virgin hair (from color) and all that. The next one was taken last 2008.

About 3 weeks ago, I visited Rey at his spanking new salon, The Salon Republic, located at Pearl drive, Ortigas. I was in a hair emergency state, as my bangs were covering my eyes already and my hair color was screaming RETOUCH! RETOUCH! endlessly. What got me more excited? This!

Oh, goodie!

The salon's interiors. Still undergoing finishing touches.

Mitor sleeping as usual. That's Rey, by the way.

My before-and-after shot. I had my hair cut, treated, and trimmed all for only P1,950! Thank God for discounts!

The Salon Republic still has ongoing promos so check 'em out! Give them a ring at 0917.4635663. Have a happy hair day!

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