Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fun Find: The Baggler

A lot of people think that styling is as easy as knowing how to put together pieces of clothing from head-to-toe. Actually, there's A LOT of work involved before getting to the dressing-up-the-model part. A huge chunk of the workload goes to sourcing, or in other words, pullouts.

I get asked a gazillion times on how I manage to get stuff from stores. They seemed excited with the fact that I can borrow anything I need without having to pay a single centavo. In short, feeling nila I'm on a shopping spree--looking like some rich kid carrying tons of paper bags with all the money to burn. Well actually, with the amount of stuff that I get from stores, hindi na ko mukhang mayaman, mukha na kong kargador. Haha! You see this?

Heaps of clothes, shoes, and accessories I borrowed for a fashion editorial I shot 3 days ago. That's just round one of pullouts. Kulang pa yan, really.

So, as I was window-shopping at Handyman (yes, I also go to hardware stores, 'ya know), I came across this cool carrying tool:


The label says: The Baggler is a unique device with a patented design that helps you manage your bags, keeping the handles secured without getting entangled and preventing your items from falling out. It has a comfortable ergonomic handle that allows you to carry many things conveniently and painlessly.

Convincing! So, I bought one but I asked the staff to clean it first because all the stocks in Handyman Galle are dusty-dirty, as in mukhang luma (wala ata bumibili, haha!) and gave it a road test on a normal pullout day.


In my experience though, it really gets pretty heavy if you hook a lot of bags so it's still better to distribute the weight on both arms. Plus, if the paperbag's handles are long and you're on the short side (like me), the paperbag gets dragged on the floor. Therefore, The Baggler is only ideal for grocery bags, square plastic bags, and the like.

But still, I think this is a great tool esp for stylists and for people who carry loads of stuff around all the time! No more blisters from those rough bag handles! Yay! :)

*The Baggler is sold at Handyman for P249.75. Don't forget what I told you: their stocks are dirty, so prepare your alcohol / wet wipes. Haha!


  1. oh gosh, this is so cool... i think i'll get myself one!

  2. hey crickette! go go go! haha! just followed your blog, btw. hee. :)